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Transportation 25KG
Packing & Storage 25KG pp bag pack. Keep in cool and dry place away from direct sun shine. General shelf life is one year. It can still be used if tested qualified afterward
Appearance Flakes
Other Names One Pack Stabilizer



Calcium zinc stabilizer is called PVC Stabilizer, and some people also use PVC Heat Stabilizer or CA-ZN Stabilizer.

The appearance of calcium zinc stabilizer is mainly white powder, flake, and paste. Powdered calcium zinc stabilizer is the most widely used non-toxic PVC stabilizer and is commonly used in food packaging, foam products, shoe materials, floor and wall panels, medical equipment, wire and cable materials, etc. At present, PVC calcium zinc stabilizers that can be used for rigid pipes have appeared in China.

Calcium-zinc stabilizer is synthesized using a special composite process with calcium salts, zinc salts, lubricants, antioxidants, etc. as main components.Jabetter has its own factory, and its products are non-toxic, environmentally friendly calcium and zinc stabilizers.

Jabetter has its own technical team and factory to provide environmentally friendly calcium zinc stabilizers/PVC Stabilizer/PVC Heat Stabilizer.


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